Grilles & Portcullis Shutters

Visibility with Security –Grilles and Portcullis Shutters London

Grilles and portcullis shutters London has been in demand since medieval area. They are a sound option when it comes to security and enticing entrances. These roller shutters are purposeful for those businesses where security with sheer visibility is a major concern.

What Calibar Contracts provides?

Rolling Grilles may be perforated, brick bond pattern open grilles or in filled with polycarbonate vision panels so that products within the shop are visible at all times, whilst still retaining full security for the premises. These can be made in solid non-vision lath and supplied in a superb range of factory applied powder coated colours from both the RAL and British Standards palettes.

Electrical operation is available for all types of shutters and grilles, including photo-electric cell, remote sensing or hand-held activation and come complete with emergency over-ride facility.

Perks of Installing Grilles and portcullis shutters London

Sheer Visibility– The product is very attractive and offers a wide variety of design which is helpful to make the surroundings visible or noticeable.

Durable-The material used in these security shutters are very durable and provides enough security for a place from uncertain events.

Enough Lighting –Having installed these shutters ensures natural light in the surrounding, making less use of electricity.

Technically upgraded-They are manufactured with latest and current technology, thus making it quite handy to use.