An addition of uncompromising security –Perforated Roller Shutters London

Perforated roller shutters London are a promising solution for any business security. They are manufactured with a strong material that has enough endurance to secure the place, peephole design provides ample of outside visibility.

What Calibar Contracts has to provide?

Perforated Roller shutters are supplied in a superb range of factory applied powder coated colours from both the RAL and British Standards palettes to suit any corporate and brand requirements. Electrical operation is available for all types of shutters and grilles, including photo-electric cell, remote sensing or hand-held activation and comes complete with emergency over-ride facility.

Advantages of having perforated roller shutters London

Below are certain benefits of installing these shutters.

  • High-end security – The material we provide is very strong and durable, can be a supportive tool for any premise in long run.
  • See through– The small holes in the material make it very easy for anyone to see inside/outside and suspect the ongoing activities easily with enough ventilation.
  • The electrical operations-The product comes with a photoelectric cell, remote sensing and handheld activation to make it easy to operate.

We here at Calibar Contracts have perforated security shutters suiting to any individual business needs. The colours and design are customised with latest updated technology.