Punched & Glazed Shutters

Secured yet Attractive Product-Punched and Glazed Shutters

Punched and glazed shutters are very versatile roller shutter, which provides a combination of security as well as visibility. These shutters are designed in a manner so that they can look attractive yet safest. They have a see-through design with a sheet of glazing material.

This type of Roller shutters can be supplied in a superb range of factory applied powder coated colours from both the RAL and British Standards palettes to suit corporate and brand requirements. Electrical operation is available for all types of shutters and grilles, including photo-electric cell, remote sensing or hand-held activation and comes complete with emergency over-ride facility.

How Punched and Glazed shutters can be useful?

These shutters serve multiple purposes and can be used for home as well as offices entrances. They also provide the following credentials.

  • Visibility –With punched and glazed shutters, one can assure easy visibility of the indoor and outdoor activities without creating any deadlock.
  • Dustproof – As these shutters are covered with thin glazed material, there is no scope of dust and pollution to enter the premises.
  • Daylight – With the installation of these roller shutters, there is enough sunlight in the premises leading to less use of lighting products during the daytime.
  • Technologically viable– These roller shutters come with electrical operation rather than those conventional manual operations, thus making it effective to use.
  • Customised colour option – The customers can demand colours matching to their premises, whether it is for homes or retail outlets.