Curtain Walling

The curtain wall gives the architect the opportunity to create stunning envelopes and Calibar delivers the capability.

Minimalist lines through sheer glazed façades are a basic design requirement. Calibar Contracts provides a range of transoms and mullions with a 50mm sight-line. Where the façade demands multi-storey spans and performance, a range of high Ixx value mullion and transoms achieve the design brief, standardising with the same 50mm sight-lines.

Design options expand with the ability to add depth and feature with a variety of cover-caps that provide specifiers with fifteen façade options, including bull noses for Trame Horizontal façades. For facetted curtain walling London, corner mullions are adjustable from 15° to 145°. This means that roof-glazing applications such as barrel vaults, pyramids and sloped glazing can be achieved from the same profile range.

Calibar Contracts have two forms of construction: stick build and ladder frame. In stick build the transoms can be square or step cut, the latter providing a true mullion drained system. Glass mirrored, tinted or opaque provides the façade with feature and distinction; incorporating panels also add to the façade. To allow panels and glass of different widths to integrate into the same curtain walling London, without the need to step-cut the panels, Calibar Contracts have specifically designed a range of gaskets and pressure plates to provide glazing options of 3mm to 50mm.

Calibar Contracts is continuously improving, developing with the demands of design: new profiles are constantly added and tested to the highest standards. This approach delivers the most innovative design brief coupled with reassured performance. THERMAL PERFORMANCE – The nature of curtain walling London construction is a two part system with pressure plates added to secure glazed elements and completed with a cover cap; this provides an efficient thermal break. To improve thermal performance, a plastic pressure plate can be used.