Timber Shopfronts

Tradition of Elegance -Solid Timber Shop Fronts London

Timber, as the name suggests provides for the durable yet appealing finish to the product. Solid timber shop fronts can be a viable option for the outdoors of different premises as they are a very strong material and also very stunning to look at.

Glazing bars and mullions may be added to create the effect of a boutique giving an overall appearance particularly suited to conservation or listed building areas.

To complete the traditional appearance, all of our Timber shop fronts are hand painted after installation with one or more colours available from the British Standard BS4800 colour range.

Another traditional feature is the use of solid or panelled stall risers, enabling the construction of internal window beds, which can be used for shop window displays or point of sale arrangements.

As with all of our shop fronts and entrances, a full range of standard and specialised door hardware is available for security and ease of access.

Why Solid Timber Shop Fronts London?

Below is a small checklist to be noted for the benefits of solid timber shop fronts.

  • Durable – The product timber is very durable and when used for the layering of shop fronts can be a viable option, as it will not deteriorate for quite some years.
  • Classic– Timber is very elegant and classy material since the bygone era and has been a favourable choice amongst the people.
  • Eye-catching – When installed with glazing materials or mullion, they can catch the attention of people passing by and will entice them to enter.